Saturday, February 06, 2010

Carole Caplin: Child actor

In June of last year I passed on the top trivial fact that, aged six, Carole Caplin - who later became Cherie Blair's style adviser and had a dodgy boyfriend - played Dirk Bogarde's daughter in Accident.

I have now seen the film again and it is definitely her, though it has to be admitted that she was a funny-looking kid. The picture above (borrowed from Chained and Perfumed) shows her with the director Joseph Losey and the French actress Jacqueline Sassard. (I don't know the dog's name.)

Emma Brockes published an interview with Caplin in the Guardian three years ago. It did not mention Accident, but did give details of her mother's show business contacts. These probably explain why she came to be cast in the film as a little girl.

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