Friday, February 05, 2010

J.W. Logan's approach to industrial relations

The Rotherham website provides an unexpected glimpse of my hero J.W. Logan.

Logan was a partner in the railway contractors Logan & Hemingway and is remembered by one Alderman Geo. Gummer, J.P.:

The construction of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire line from Attercliffe to Mexbro’ was carried out by Messrs. Logan and Hemingway.

Mr. Logan, known more familiarly as "Paddy" Logan, had methods of his own when dealing with recalcitrant labour. His physique and determination were the dominant factors in many an awkward situation. Without hesitation, lurkers and shifty workers were told to get a move on or quit. Often a rough answer had to be met by calling the men from the trenches, and a fight would ensue to prove who was bossing the show.

After beating his man, Paddy has been known on many an occasion to give him a sovereign and tell him to get back to his job. He usually came off victor, but he realised that then, as now, no finer type of man can be found for physical strength than the railway navvy.

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