Monday, February 08, 2010

Six of the Best 2

A second outing for this new feature:
  1. Harry's Place suggests that we may never hear about another aspect of the MPs' expenses scandal: the payments they made to their staff. (It seems some Lib Dems would be in the frame here)
  2. The suspension of Gita Sahgal, the head of the Gender Unit at Amnesty International, over an article in the Sunday Times is covered by Bartholomew's Notes on Religion. Personally, I have never felt as warm towards Amnesty since it watered down its emphasis on political prisoners and became a generic human rights organisation.
  3. Dare to Know discusses how home schoolers should set about amending the current children, schools and families bill. It reports hearing an increasing number of home educating families being "remorselessly bullied" by local authorities in anticipation of having new powers.
  4. Fellow admirers of the children's writer Malcolm Saville will be interested in a collection of papers by Stephen Bigger linked to on his 1930 to 1960 blog. I think I published one or two of these when I was editing the Saville Society newsletter some years ago.
  5. Liberal Bureaucracy proves I am not the only Lib Dem blogger with a thing about old railway stations.
  6. And the ever-fascinating Unmitigated England visits Borough Market.
Please feel free to suggest links for this feature.


Anonymous said...

#5 Liberal Bureaucracy, shurely?

Jonathan Calder said...

Changed, thanks.