Thursday, February 04, 2010

Harborough Mail wins Headline of the Day

It's always nice to see these awards being won close to home. This one goes to the Harborough Mail for its:
Police tell intruders to get a moo-ve on
The story concerns two cows who wandered on to the playing fields at the Robert Smyth School. It is surprising that they did so because houses have been built all around the school since I went to it.

Back in the 1970s the playing fields were bounded by open fields and we would often have horses grazing the football pitches. They were the piebalds favoured by Gypsies an often bore a close resemblance to a traditional pantomime horse.

And a linguistic point. The Mail says:"A teacher at the school phoned Harborough police at 7.55am to say two cows had been spotted on the campus."

Since when did British schools have a campus? Is this creeping Americanisations or the sort of educational inflation that sees young children now referred to as "students"?

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Unknown said...

My favourite headline was on CEEFAX about 20 years ago.

Middlesborough, I beleive, had a player called Uwe Fuchs, a German whose name was pronounced with a "ck" instead of "ch". He was sent off late in the game and the CEEFAX headline headline read "FUCHS OFF"