Friday, February 26, 2010

A general election on 25 March?

Writing on First Post, The Mole offers three reasons why this rumour may be true:
  1. a new MORI poll published today puts the Tory lead over Labour at only five points;
  2. March 25 would mean no Darling Budget, avoiding further pre-election tension between the PM and chancellor;
  3. the bullying allegations against Brown have had little effect on the voters.
And 25 March is my birthday, though that may not be a major consideration for Labour strategists.


Stephen Glenn said...

I think you belittle yourself on point 3. Maybe the Labour strategist will be factoring in that Lord Bonkers will be hosting the usual shin dig at the Hall for your birthday thus pulling Lib Dem activists away from polling day activities long before the close of polls in order to freshen up and wind their merry way. ;)

Anonymous said...

The steady reduction in the Tory lead has a way to go before Gordon can expect a sound overall majority. 60 will do.

Prob take til May 6, which has added the added advantage that it both is and appears to be more economical, in terms of voter effort and also costs to the public purse.

Combining the polls may increase turnout too, which likely favours Labour.

Book your birthday balloon ascent, I know how much you Lib-Dems enjoy suchlike.

wolfi said...

Something better for your birthday, Jonathan:

A tandem parachute jump!

It'a fantastic shot of Adrenalin and you see the world from above - everything looks really small and unimportant ...

Nich Starling said...

I think it would have had to have been caled this week for it to be on 25th.

With April Fools day also being out of the question, so April 8th looks like the first possible date.