Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Six of the Best 13

  • Do you live in Minehead? Do you fancy snooping on your neighbours? You could be in luck, because the council and police are looking for volunteers to monitor the town's CCTV cameras. Big Brother Watch has the full story.

  • Nick Cohen asks if Gordon Brown will now dump Charlie Whelan (though I think you will find Whelan went to a council boarding school not a public school).

  • One of the more interesting constituency battles at the general election will be at Bethnal Green and Bow. Diamond Geezer lives there.

  • Earthpal is outraged at the detention of the children of asylum seekers.

  • Well done to Matthew Harris for taking up Cuba's appalling human rights record.

  • And Martin Brookes is clearly shaking up local politics in Oakham.
A very political selection this time. Please feel free to suggest posts on any subject for this feature.

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