Monday, February 15, 2010

Six of the Best 7

  1. Yesterday Nick Clegg allowed the "shopping list" he will take into negotiations in the event of a hung parliament to be known. Split Horizons complains that an important item is missing from it: the restoration of civil liberties.

  2. Liberal Youth Scotland catches the chair of their Conservative counterparts apparently justifying attempts at deception as "PR". He'll be in the cabinet within in a few years.

  3. Cicero's Songs offers a charming little picture of Tallinn in the snow.

  4. "Yet another example of how existing copyright laws appear to do more for protecting corporate interests than in protecting the rights of artists" is presented by Quaequam Blog!

  5. A Transport of Delight looks back 50 years to on events on Britain's railways in 1960. (NB: the closure of the Market Harborough - Northampton line was not "relatively insignificant". Still, thanks for the photo.)

  6. And Life Must be Filled Up proves I am not the only blogger who likes old British films by watching Night Train to Munich.

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