Friday, February 19, 2010

Six of the Best 10

  1. On the New Statesman site (I'm not bitter) Rowenna Davis writes about the way that MPs’ dependence on unpaid interns gives young people from richer backgrounds a head start on breaking into politics.

  2. John Bridges discusses the results of this week's local authority by-elections for Liberal Democrat Voice.

  3. has the story of the grounding of the Merseyside police sky drone.

  4. The pinpointing of the exact location of the Battle of Bosworth makes the Medieval News. I am glad to say it is still in Leicestershire.

  5. Old Holborn worries about the built-in webcams on all our shiny new laptops. With good reason, judging by an American case he cites.

  6. And Devizes Melting Pot indulges in some Friday cat blogging. Say hello to George, whose picture appears above.


dreamingspire said...

I used to have two Burmese, brother and sister 3rd hand, extremely experienced in handling humans.

Moonbootica said...

thank you for the link :)

i was just checking my site meter and noticed an uptick in visitors.