Saturday, January 15, 2011

Market Harborough Magistrates Court

Despite the best efforts of Edward Garnier and local Liberal Democrat councillors, Market Harborough Magistrates Court is one of twelve magistrates courts and six county courts to be closed in the East Midlands. So much for localism and the Big Society.

Anyway, the Bigfern Guide to Market Harborough will tell you all about it:
The Magistrates Court stands on the junction with Doddridge Road and Kings Road. The older section of the buildings, centre and left, were at one time time the Police Station before new premises were built in Fairfield Road. The annex on the extreme left of the old building now house the toilets, and is also an entrance for the disabled. At one time, this section housed the cells where criminals and villains were held. The newer section to the right of the picture is the court room, and was built in 1911.
It also has details of a nasty case of tea larceny that was tried there.


dreamingspire said...

Resolving a bit of confusion that foxed me for a while: "annex on the extreme left of the old building" is off the pic in the article - Bigfern has a wider view.

Anonymous said...

I was the last person ever to be sentenced at market harborough court before it closed. It was for criminal damage on a farmers fence. After that trial the court closed that afternoon

Jonathan Calder said...

That's quite a claim to fame. Did you ask for any other fences to be taken into consideration?