Saturday, January 01, 2011

Six of the Best 118

Who is your Liberal Voice of the Year? Vote in the Lib Dem Voice poll.

Anthony Wells on UK Polling Report look at Liberal Democrat prospects. His findings are not undiscouraging. Still... "it’s worth remembering that a fair chunk of those lost Liberal Democrats haven’t gone to Labour, or to minor parties or anywhere – they just don’t know what to do. Those people may yet defect to other parties or sit on their hands, or they may be won back for the Lib Dems in the fullness of time."

Should I stay or should I go? asks Welcome to Spiderplant Land, wondering whether to go on blogging or not. We say: Stay! Stay!

This "global warming" business is more serious than I thought. The Huffington Post says it is changing the flavour of Assam tea.

Roman Abramovich has found that Britain is now more plagued by red tape than Russia is, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Dickensblog reviews the Christmas Doctor Who:
Anyway, then we get to Christmas Future, which is handled with an especially clever twist, and the whole thing comes to a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion that involves a mezzo-soprano singing into a broken screwdriver. Did I mention that you had to be there?

I mean that in a good way, though; myself, I'm very glad to have been there. The show, which rattled along at a breakneck pace, was full of that delightfully goofy humor that no one does better than the Brits. It had energy, enthusiasm, and heart that I can only call Dickensian, and as you know, there are few compliments higher than that.

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