Friday, January 21, 2011

Six of the Best 124

"I didn’t join the SDP and then the Liberal Democrats to always be in opposition, to always be watching on while others played politics. I want us to be in power – again and again – to put into place as many of the policies I believe in." Keith Nevols enjoys seeing the party in power.

Sara Bedford at Always Win When You're Singing suggests that Nick Clegg should take advantage of the transfer window to sign Clarke Carlisle. He is the new Chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Association and appeared on Question Time last night.

Living on Words Alone suggests that, by encouraging the smuggling of counterfeit cigarettes, high taxes on tobacco are doing more harm to health than good.

Social Media Week London (7-11 February will see more than 70 (mostly free) events taking place the city, reports Londonist.

Far Away Is Close At Hand In Images Of Elsewhere. English Buildings explains the origins of a famous graffito beside the railway into Paddington.

Song of the Paddle explores the River Welland between Gretton and Wakerly, taking lunch beneath the Welland Viaduct.

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