Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paul Marsden says he will sue the Daily Mirror over phone hacking

Today's news bulletins have carried reports that Paul Marsden - the Labour, Liberal Democrat and (briefly) Labour again MP for Shrewsbury - is to sue the Mirror Group because he believes his phone was illegally hacked.

I can report this news myself from the best possible source, because Paul Marsden has a blog. And on it he reprints the text of a statement issued by his solicitor:
Today Paul Marsden, former Labour MP confirmed that he has initiated legal action against a reporter and the Mirror Group following receipt of information and evidence.

Mr Marsden said, “I can confirm that I have instructed my Solicitor (Mark Lewis) to write to the Mirror regarding private stories which appeared in that paper. I have strong reasons to believe that I was the victim of unlawful hacking by a reporter who subsequently moved to the News of the World, under Andy Coulson.

“I understand that the reporter was suspended last year in respect of hacking carried out for that paper last year.

“It would not be appropriate to make detailed comments while sensitive enquiries are being made of the phone company O2.
Looking through his blog, I find confirmation that Marsden is indeed the author of The Blackfriars of Shrewsbury: History of the Dominican Friary, as I once suggested.

I also find that he has posted his poetry - a decision that may fairly be described as courageous.

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