Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lord Bonkers Diary: Evan Harris on the island

The penultimate day of our week with Rutland's most celebrated fictional peer.


That unexpected sojourn on the island did at least solve the mystery of how Evan Harris has been getting on. After his sad defeat at the last election, he asked me if I knew of somewhere quiet where he could conduct his experiments. As the triumphal arch I had erected on the Bonkers Hall Estate built to commemorate Mark Bonham-Carter’s victory in the Great Torrington by-election is currently undergoing renovation, I pointed him towards Rutland Water.

While there with my fellow Liberal Democrat parliamentarians, I came across the Good Doctor and he proudly showed us the tower he had built in which to conduct his experiments in search of the “Liberal gene”. I did not like the sound of this so, after we had been rescued, I had a word with the villagers of the shore. I expect they rowed out with pitchforks and flaming brands the very next day.

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dreamingspire said...

One wonders how many Triumphal Arches there are in the UK, whether there is a ranking system, and how one gets one's arch promoted up the ranks. There is one about which there is evidence in my family's papers: on the estate where Parlington Hall once stood. "Liberty in N. America Triumphant MDCCLXXXIII". (Not that we claim any linkage - just a few press cuttings.)