Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six of the Best 121

Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Pack reviews Which Way's Up by Nick Boles.

"It is clear that for organisations like the Met police money has been no object on cases like these. The fact that those they were pursuing were generally well meaning people (whether you think they are misguided or not) - who provided no threat of violence - let alone terrorism showed a wasteful lack of prioritisation. One might say the Met had more money than sense," says Living on Words Alone, commenting of the PC Mark Kennedy affair.

Which makes it interesting that Amelia's Magazine, which is written by one of the 114 activists arrested in Nottingham, recalls: "For seven years Mark “Flash” Stone (so called because he always seemed to have lots of cash) was a familiar face on the activist circuit." "Mark Stone" was, of course. the undercover identity adopted by PC Kennedy.

Dr Rupert Whitaker hopes that a reformed libel law will make it easy for patients to review clinicians' competence.

Community open spaces cannot be made, they must evolve, argues Simon Beard on the ResPublica blog.

Londonist nominates the city's top 10 tunnels and catacombs.

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