Saturday, August 27, 2011

Accreditation for Birmingham Lib Dem conference descends into farce

From Stephen's Liberal Journal:
Apparently there are a growing number of people whose submitted picture to Liberal Democrat Conference has been turned down by Greater Manchester Police (GMP). Over the last 24 hours I have heard of a number of them. Either the pale background wasn't to their liking, ie not white, off-white or grey, or the picture was in black and white or some other reason.

Most of those I have heard of are not first time attendees. One is a former councillor, one is a prominent Liberal Youth member. But with just three weeks to go to conference people who will have paid for travel and accommodation are being turned down because their pictures aren't up to spec ...

On Tuesday when the conference team are settling into their new surroundings in Great George Street they will be inundated with angry conference delegates if this sample of my friends is anything to go by.
As Stephen goes on to remind us, there is a motion against the police accreditation of representatives being debated at Birmingham - at 9.00 on the morning of Sunday 18 September. Family commitments mean I shall not be able to attend this year's Conference, but I hope that any readers who are going will support this motion.

If Greater Manchester Police let you in, that is.

Later. Caron's Musings has a good post on this too.

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