Friday, August 12, 2011

Six of the Best 179

The police behaved brilliantly in the riots and David Cameron was wrong to criticise them, argues Political Parry.

"I'm upset for the decent hardworking people who's lives and property that have been wrecked. And yet again I find myself upset at the easy stigmatisation of working class communities and young people from many people who's only knowledge of these communities is from what they read in the Guardian or the Telegraph whilst drinking their skinny lattes." Carl Minns reacts to reactions to the riots.

Jackie Pearcey celebrates the efforts to clean up Manchester the morning after the riots: "Well done to everybody who helped today and showed that most people in Manchester aren’t the looters, we’re better than that."

"Boris Johnson ... says that poor people have too much sense of entitlement. Boris Johnson is like the embodiment of the Platonic ideal of too much sense of entitlement." The Ex-Communicator is not impressed by the Mayor of London.

Under a Watling Street asks if the riots will reverse the trend towards the banning of traffic from city centres: "These pedestrian precincts become 'wastelands' after shops close and are basically only used for perhaps 8-9 hours day."

To end on a happier note, Welcome to Spiderplant Land discovers Woking Palace and Lady Margaret Beaufort.

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