Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simon Hughes to sue News International over phone hacking

The Guardian website is reporting this evening that Simon Hughes is to sue News International over phone hacking.

It quotes him as telling the Evening Standard:
"It is important now that all those who were clearly the subject of criminal activity help to get to the bottom of what happened during this dark period in British journalism."

The Guardian goes on to say that Simon's decision is significant because the private investigator employed by the News of the World has already been convicted of targeting his mobile phone.

Glenn Mulcaire pleaded guilty to hacking into Hughes's messages, along with those left of seven other people, in 2006.


James said...

I well remember the horrible front-page splash of 'The Sun' about Simon Hughes' private life and the weird quote from Trevor Kavanagh about having "pretty introvertable evidence" that Hughes had been phoning chat-lines. Well, I guess now we know where they got that information and I hope Simon takes them to the cleaners!

Simon Titley said...

Should your post heading not read "Simon Hughes to sue..."?

Paul Walter said...

Next: "Simon Hughes to phone Southwark Council over blocked drain in Acacia Avenue"

Jonathan Calder said...

Simon: Quite right - if you want to get a message to News International you phone someone else.