Saturday, August 27, 2011

Six of the Best 183

Disgruntled Radical writes to the Liberal Democrat conference team at Cowley Street (as it then was): "Thanks for your message. I attend conference because Yeovil Liberal Democrats elected me, not because the police allow me to. That’s according to our party constitution." He may not enjoy the conference that much when he gets there.

Gareth Epps points out that there will be a record number of set-piece speeches and fewer debates this year.

Predicatable Paradox is worried that, judging by then answers he gave during his visit to Glagow, Nick Clegg has not grasped the immensity of the challenge now facing the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

"'Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes' - the 2002 Transport for London posters that resemble the front cover of a Philip K. Dick paperback - has a distinctly Juche ring to it, resonant of Bradley K Martin's authoritative title on North Korea: Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader. Which should come as no surprise, given that Britain has more CCTV cameras per capita than North Korea does." Sophie FitzMaurice has written a powerful post for The Staggers (the New Statesman's rolling blog) on the powerful and questionable imagery used in today's security posters.

Liberal Burblings thinks it is time Eggheads was scrambled - or something like that. You may care to insert your own egg-related pun here.

Rare plants found at Dungeness have been providing inspiration to a local artist, reports the RSPB Community site. "Just one more reason why we must protect this special place from developments such as the proposed expansion of neighborouing Lydd Airport."

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