Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hope you enjoy our new direction

Blogger has updated my template for me without being asked. I have changed the colour scheme and rather like the clean new design, but elements like my blogroll will have to be recreated.

It could be a busy weekend, particularly as I have been asked to write a piece for Comment is Free on the row over the accreditation of representatives at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Birmingham.


Clarissa said...

The design is great and is very easy to read. As an autistic, I often find many of my favorite blogs change their templates and color schemes in ways that make them very difficult for me to read. Glad to see that this great blog is not going in that direction!

Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

You seem to have lost a lot of your bits and pieces

Jonathan Calder said...

Most of those will return over the next few days, but I am rather liking the clean new design.

The only problem is that the post headers are grey at home but orange on my machine at work.

dreamingspire said...

Austere is the word at the moment.

Pale orange for the headers (and for the links and labels) in my Firefox on a Win 7 system here, same on an XP system - not easy to read.

Jonathan Calder said...

I rather like the austerity. It sets off my pictures well.

The trouble I have is that when I try to change the colour of one element I tend to change the colour of several at once.

No doubt I will work out what to do presently.