Monday, August 29, 2011

Leicester Mercury claims Lord Mayor has had five parking tickets cancelled

From today's Leicester Mercury:
The two most senior officers at Leicester City Council were involved in the cancellation of parking tickets for a senior councillor, a whistle-blower claims.

Earlier this month, Lord Mayor Rob Wann, a former cabinet member, was reported to the council's standards board over claims he had several parking tickets cancelled or written off in questionable circumstances.

Documents handed to the Mercury by former council parking employee Chris Hughes, 63, appear to show that both former chief executive Sheila Lock and her deputy Andy Keeling were involved in getting a parking ticket cancelled for Coun Wann.
In all, alleges the Mercury, Robert Wann received six parking tickets, or which five were either cancelled or written off.

For some background to this story, read my recent post Leicester: When mayors fall out.

If nothing else, today's story suggests that Leicester City Council needs to find new bailiffs:
Documents show that on two occasions tickets were cancelled due to bailiffs being unable to trace Coun Wann – despite him being a sitting councillor who regularly attends the Town Hall on council business.

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Charlieman said...

This is another example of viciousness within the Leicester Labour parties.

* Prior to the City Council elections, Ramila Shah explained why she was not re-standing for council:

* Sheila Locke was made redundant as chief executive in circumstances that at best can be described as incompetent

* Development of a replacement contemporary arts gallery has become a political football between Soulsby and Willmott; I am unsure about the virtues of this project but it deserves a sensible debate:

Then we have the long standing problem of two major council office buildings that are literally falling down. According to David MacLean (Leicester Mercury: "Engineering company Arup tells the council it needs to find a solution to the safety issues by June this year (2011)." My calendar says that it is now August. Inaction illustrates the level of concern that council members feel for council employees.