Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Voting is open in the Total Politics Blog Awards 2011

Click here to vote in the Total Politics Blog Awards 2011From the Total Politics site:
There are lots of ways of measuring how popular a blog is. You can compare the number of people who visit it. You can use complicated formulas and maths to plot the different variables. You can map its range on social media.

Or you can just ask the people who read blogs what they like best. That’s what the Total Politics Blog Awards is all about. There are no shortlists and no pre-selection. You can vote for any blog you like, large or small.

This is our sixth Blog Awards. But this year, we’ve made a couple of tweaks to the way it’s going to work.

Instead of sending your choices by email, you can enter your votes on this survey and choose the categories you think each blog belongs in.

We’ve also added a new element to the awards for individual bloggers. The blogosphere has changed a lot since the awards first started, and it is now much more common for bloggers to contribute to a number of different websites rather than maintaining their own personal blog.
This year you vote by completing a form on the Total Politics site. Click on the button above to go there.

Lib Dem Voice has kindly reminded us how Liberal Democrat blogs were ranked in last year's poll. Thanks to everyone who voted for me last year - Lords Bonkers mentioned something about your rent falling due on Lady Day.

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