Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simon Hoggart and the way we live now

How quickly we have become accustomed to being treated like cattle.

Here is Simon Hoggart writing in the Guardian this morning:
Coming home the other day we found ourselves in one of those endless lines waiting for immigration. But a TV screen told us that, as they had little camera logos on the front, we possessed e-passports and could jump the queue.

So I stood at the gate, pushed my passport on to the scanner, and waited for a minute or so while brilliant lights shone in my face.

And, having satisfied itself that the ugly mug in front of it was the same as the grumpy individual on the passport, the machine let me into the UK.
The sad thing is that Hoggart is not complaining about his treatment. He is praising the technology and even preening himself a little on receiving preferential treatment.

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