Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bishop's Castle Cat of the Day

Third place

Despite the nice tail among the weeds effect, this one gives little indication that he wants to have his picture taken.

Second place

It was great to find that Yarborough House has a resident cat again, and the cards in the background were an inspired choice. However, he seems to think that if he concentrates hard enough he will match the table and chair so well that he will disappear from view. That is never going to happen.

First place

Seen on bench in the little square at the top of the town where the market hall used to be. You have to admire the studied casualness of the front right paw and the glimpse of the white tip of the tail is a touch of genius. In fairness, I must record that he was very cross about something, because that tail was swishing like mad. But he rightly judged it would not show in the photograph - a true pro.


I got back to Shrewsbury and saw a black and white cat in front of a black and white building. I sensed the chance of a witty photograph. But as soon as it saw me go for my camera the cat moved. Shades of Albany Mews.


dreamingspire said...

How do you know that they were all tomcats? However, I hate the use of "they" when a reporter doesn't know or wish to reveal the gender of the subject. Its as if everybody has a dual personality until the truth is exposed.

Tom Barney said...

So the non-runner was a non-runner because it did a runner?

Jonathan Calder said...

Cats were ever contrary animals.