Thursday, September 01, 2011

Six of the Best 184

In an article that arrived too late to be included in the Conference issue of Liberator, The Potter Blogger writes about "the utterly disgusting way in which sick and disabled people are treated in this country".

Martin Williams on Liberal Conspriacy reveals that local authorities across Britain are paying a fortune to private security companies to police public meetings. "In one case, Portsmouth Council called in a private security company to a total of 31 public meetings between 2009-2010. They explained it was because “Protesting and placards etc are not allowed at public meetings."

The Rambles of Neil Monnery marks the rapid demise of Ortis Deley as a live sports broadcaster.

Down at Third Man looks at the place of Leicestershire cricket in the novels of C.P. Snow. (Incidentally, his brother Eric Snow was the author of a history of Leicestershire cricket and another brother, Philip, played cricket for the county's second XI and Fiji.)

"If you’re ever in Shropshire, I would certainly recommend a visit to the Stiperstones," says Notes of Life, backing up this recommendation with some lovely photographs.

Memory Lane at Coate Water celebrates the country park just outside Swindon where Richard Jefferies spent much of his boyhood.


Anonymous said...

There are two histories of Leicestershire cricket by Eric Snow: 'A History of Leicestershire Cricket', published by Edgar Backus in 1949, and 'Leicestershire Cricket 1949 to 1977 (Stanley Paul 1977 ISBN 0-09-131680-4).

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Many thanks for the link - much appreciated!