Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Six of the Best 190

Terrific stuff from David Boyle on the New Economics Foundation site as he points to the relevance of William Cobbett's opinions to modern Britain: "He believed that Britain was run not so much by a government, but by a financial system which had 'drawn the real property of the nation into fewer hands … made land and agriculture objects of speculation … in every part of the kingdom, moulded many farms into one … almost entirely extinguished the race of small farmers … we are daily advancing to the state in which there are but two classes of men, masters and abject dependants.'"

Caron's Musings has the video of Ewan Hoyle's impressive speech moving the successful motion on drugs policy at the recent Lib Dem Conference.

"Any objective observer would agree that Mr Putin has a controversial record - it is a record that deserves significant scrutiny and challenge. Yet this scrutiny and challenge is precisely what the Russian people will not be allowed to undertake." Cicero's Songs writes on Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin's ambitions and style of government.

Meat Trade News Daily exposes the deadly consequences of the overuse of antibiotics in American agribusiness.

Children in care have failed to make the agenda of any of this year's major party conferences, notes Roy Williamson on the CommunityCare Children Services blog.

A Walk in the Garden explores Dungeness: "One of the largest expanses of shingle in the world and home to many species of plant and bird."

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