Thursday, September 15, 2011

Really Facing the Future by David Boyle and Simon Titley

From the Liberator website:
Really Facing the Future has been written by David Boyle and Simon Titley as an alternative to the Liberal Democrats’ policy development agenda, Facing the Future, (which was published in August 2011 and intended to set out the party's values, highlight the main challenges and summarise policy development priorities for the remainder of the current parliament). 
The authors believe that Facing the Future fails to face the future. It lacks political imagination, it lacks a coherent analysis of the challenges we face and it lacks passion, seeming to have been approached as a dry academic exercise. 
Really Facing the Future sets out ten new directions for policy. They are not exhaustive or definitive. They represent the views of two Liberal Democrats (albeit with 68 years of membership between them). But they are an attempt to encourage Liberal Democrat policy makers to think more radically – partly because the challenges that lie ahead require more radical thinking and partly as an antidote to the idea that party policy is at its most effective when it tentatively suggests a few tiny changes that don‟t threaten the status quo. 
If the Liberal Democrats want to face the future, they must look at the real world as it is – not as it seems from the peculiar prism of Westminster – and respond. That is what Really Facing the Future tries to do.
You can download Really Facing the Future from Liberator's website.

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