Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank you! Total Politics top Lib Dem blogs poll

Liberal England has come in as the no. 3 Liberal Democrat blog in the Total Politics poll this year.

I think this is the highest position I have ever occupied in this poll (and its earlier equivalents), so many thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Sometimes I wonder if all those photographs of churches are self-indulgent, but they do not seem to have put readers off. Maybe they give people who do not share my politics something to look at?

Talking of polls, Liberal Democrat Voice has the nominations for its Blog of the Year awards this year. Congratulations to everyone on those lists. In the words of young Mr Grace, you've all done very well.

Later. I see I am also no. 4 in the Total Politics list of Lib Dem bloggers (as opposed to individual blogs). Thanks again!

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