Friday, September 02, 2011

Those Lib Dem London Mayoral selection voting figures in full

Thanks to a tweet from the party press people I can reveal that the votes cast in the contest to be the Liberal Democrat candidate in next year's London Mayoral elections were as follows:

Round 1
Brian Paddick 1289
Mike Tuffrey 1232
Brian Haley 316
Lembit Opik 252

Round 2
Brian Paddick 1567
Mike Tuffrey 1476


Peter Black said...

The BBC say that Duwayne Brooks stood as well. How many votes did e get?

Jonathan Calder said...

Then the BBC is wrong, I am afraid.

Niles said...

Duwayne was considering it but ultimately decided not to put his name forward.

Lembit's result is staggeringly bad!

T. C. R. MacDonnell said...

Thank goodness: Mr. Paddock is creditable, whereas Opik isn't nearly fusty enough to play off the loveable eccentric archetype Borris profits from.