Wednesday, September 07, 2011

BNP London candidate is Falklands veteran - he fought for Argentina

The BNP has chosen Carlos Cortiglia as its candidate in next year's London Mayoral election. Cortiglia is a veteran of the war in the Falklands.

The only trouble is... he was fighting for the Argentinians.

Which rather reminds me of the late Bernard Manning:
While Manning's routine made little attempt to be topical, he could occasionally hint at subversion. 
As when, soon after the Falklands war, he told his audience that two soldiers from the conflict were present. 
As the jingoistic cheers rang out, Manning embarrassed the audience by adding: "They're Argentinians."


London Regional Press Office said...

Carlos Cortiglia was not a volunteer, was not in the Argentine Army and did not fight in the Falklands.

Argentine Ministy of Defense

There was a Colonel Nestor Eduardo Corsiglia

Not Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel

London Regional Press Office said...

The Ministry of Defense information was pretty conclusive. There was no Carlos Cortiglia. The rumours spread by a British left-wing organization are being investigated and the Argentine Embassy in London has been informed.