Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mystic Calder predicted Nick Clegg would become leader two years before it happened

I was looking through some of my old Guardian articles yesterday evening when I came across this passage from The Rules of Attraction, written in December 2005:
In the long run, Liberal Democrat eyes may turn to another candidate. For David Cameron was not the only personable former public school boy without embarrassing political baggage who signed on as a Guardian Unlimited columnist in spring 2001.

At that time Nick Clegg was an MEP, having already shown his political acumen by realising that the traditional Liberal desert of the East Midlands would yield the party a European seat under the list system; earlier this year he was elected to Westminster, representing Sheffield Hallam.

Clegg resists talk of himself as a future Lib Dem leader, agreeing to interview requests only if the subject is not raised. But it is easy to see how momentum could gather behind him.

If David Cameron turns out to be all that Conservative members hope, the Liberal Democrats may decide to try the same trick themselves one day.
As that was written two years before Nick became leader, and only six months after he was first elected to Westminster, I find that quite impressive.

Mind you, it was also written a month before Ming Campbell became Lib Dem leader, and he didn't get even a mention.

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