Sunday, September 11, 2011

Arts Fresco 2011 in Welland Park

I spent the afternoon at Arts Fresco, the Market Harborough Street Festival that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The picture above shows Until Now, "a beautifully improbable acrobatic adventure with a little magic and a few surprises," but for me the day's highlight was The Spurting Man, who certainly deserves a post of his own.

I met Hazel Cook and asked why the festival had moved from the High Street to Welland Park this year. It's not just that the town centre is still being dug up at the moment: she said that the costs of closing the town to traffic were eating into the budget for acts. So it looks as though Arts Fresco will be in the park in future.

The photograph below shows Hazel photographing someone we thought was probably Julian White (Leicester Tigers and England).

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