Monday, September 12, 2011

Leicester Labour disciplinary round up

Where to start?

We have seen the former Labour leader on the city council, Ross Willmott criticising Leicester's elected mayor Sir Peter Soulsby. The other day the Leicester Mercury reported that he could now face disciplinary action.

You may also enjoy the encounter between Willmott and Soulsby that took place on BBC Radio Leicester the other day. You have another three days to listen. The part of the programme in question starts at about 2:25.

While the issue at stake is ostensibly the city's need for a new gallery for contemporary art, you can hear the passions seething just under the surface. It's a shame it's not television: the body language would have been fascinating.

Then there were the two Labour councillors who called for the return of the death penalty. They, says the Mercury, have been "censured" for expressing their views publicly.

I don't agree with their views, and Barbara Potter's words "Bring it on. Give these murderers the option of the noose, the electric chair or lethal injection" were crass. But surely they should be allowed to say what they think on an issue that has nothing to do with the council?

Meanwhile, we are waiting to hear what will happen to the Lord Mayor in parkingticketgate.

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