Friday, September 23, 2011

Johnny Rotten gets it together in the country

Though Steve Winwood was barely older than some of the leading lights of Punk, he was very much the sort of musician that the movement was aimed against. He had been part of the first supergroup, he had a big house in the country and Traffic went in for live 10-minute tracks on their albums.

And only a couple of weeks ago his eldest daughter married Camilla Parker Bowles's nephew.

So it rather a surprise to find that the singer of "God Save Queen" getting it together in the studio on Winwood's Cotswold estate. For Johnny Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) has been recording there with his band Public Image Ltd.

The Australian quotes Winwood as saying:
"He's a very interesting fellow and I like him a lot. We were enemies, so it's ironic that he ends up out in the country recording. You wouldn't have thought we'd have much common ground but we did."

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wolfi said...

Jonathan, a bit OT, but maybe interesting for You:

Before his tour in May/June in the US Steve Winwood will perform at the Cheltenhams Jazz Festival on May 2.