Sunday, September 18, 2011

Remember you're a Wimble

Our Councillor of the Day Award goes to David Wimble from Lydd.

This is Kent explains why:
The head of community radio station RMFM has admitted it was "a big mistake" to falsely claim his Lydd Airport poll was carried out by a leading market research firm. 
David Wimble, who is also a Tory district and town councillor and owner of free magazine The Looker, has been accused of "scandalously misleading" people over the opinion survey carried out by the radio station he holds the licence for. 
In March, Mr Wimble claimed in The Looker that the survey was "an independent poll carried out by Ipsos MORI". 
But Ipsos MORI – the second largest market research organisation in the country – has since confirmed it had nothing to do with it.
More about the issue behind this from the Lydd Airport Action Group.

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