Monday, November 05, 2012

David Dimbleby keeps it in the family

Four years ago, along with many other bloggers, I criticised the BBC's coverage of the USA Presidential election result in general and the choice of David Dimbleby as anchorman in particular.

We need not have bothered. Tomorrow night he will be doing the same job.

Back in 2005 I summed David Dimbleby up:
He is a public school boy of no great imagination or ability, projected on to the national stage by television fame and family connections.
In that post I mentioned that he made his first film for the BBC at the age of 17. His younger brother Jonathan was in it too.

Here he is a few years later, down for the summer vacation from Oxford and the Bullingdon Club, reporting for the newly launched Anglia TV.

And if you wonder what I mean by "family connections", read about his father Richard Dimbleby - "widely acknowledged as one of the greatest figures in British broadcasting history".

But should the BBC still be relying upon the hereditary principle?

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As they say its who you know not what you know.

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