Saturday, November 24, 2012

Six of the Best 298

Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts welcomes today's editorial in The Times. The paper concludes: "Openness is often difficult for public authorities and some of the issues they are confronting are difficult too. But the principle that justice must be done in the open is a fundamental one and, if the events of the week have shown anything, they have demonstrated that the Government is wrong to proceed with its Bill."

Lord Freud is "ignorant of basic economics and psychology," argues Stumbling and Mumbling.

"There is a sort of sleaze triangle of academia at work here, with for-profit ghostwriting companies, for-profit plagiarism-protection sites, and universities - many of them for-profit these days - all making money in a fake academic exercise in which students pay for credits they did not earn." Daniel Luzer on AlterNet on a dispatch from within the academic fraud industry.

Disgruntled Radical revisits the Cambridge Union after almost 40 years.

Diamond Geezer looks at plans to extend the Northern Line to Battersea - I have borrowed this illustration from him.

Back above ground, National Railway Museum blog shares some visitors' memories of railway food - curly sandwiches and all.

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