Friday, November 16, 2012

The final issue of Liberal Democrat News

The final issue of Liberal Democrat News arrived today. It is being replaced by a monthly magazine, Ad Lib. The first issue will be sent to all party members next month and to all Lib Dem News subscribers from January.

It is sad to see a title close, particularly when you have been writing for it for so long and when, if you add in the old Liberal News, it has been running for 66 years.

Still, I get a thank you and an anecdote on the last page:
I learnt a lot about journalism and what editors look for through writing for Lib Dem News – first for David Boyle and then for Deirdre Razzall. 
After sending in one of my early pieces I phoned the office (as nervous contributors do) to make sure it had been received. David said it had. 
“Sorry it wasn’t better,” I said, because I was a little disappointed with the way it had turned out. 
“Oh no,” David replied, “it was just the right length.”

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