Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ginger Baker's Air Force: Man of Constant Sorrow

We all know this song from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? but it was first recorded around a hundred years ago.

This slightly chaotic live version appears on the first Ginger Baker's Air Force LP. The singer is Denny Laine, whom we last saw with the Moody Blues. Later he was to be kidnapped by the McCartneys and forced to sing and play on dross like Mull of Kintyre.

Also playing on the track are this blog's hero Steve Winwood on bass guitar and Leicester's Ric Grech (of Blind Faith and Family) on violin.


wolfi said...


This reminds me of the Airforce concert that I visited around 40 years ago somewhere near Frankfurt - surrounded by GIs who passed joints around ... We were all siting on the wooden floor of some big hall and felt like family.

For a moment I thought about giving up my job as a computer consultant to return to the free life of a student, but then ...

I used to drive to London regularly in the 70s and 80s to buy Science Fiction books and during the long trips (the midnight ferry from/to Oostende was the cheapest connection) I listened to GO, Airforce and Traffic ...

asquith said...

Not a bad tube, but I don't think as good as the Bob Dylan version- have you heard that?

I do like having several versions of the same track. And another favourite of mine is artists who have changed their style covering their own early work. I get this quite often with Glenn Hughes.