Monday, November 12, 2012

Six of the Best 294

"Fortunately the Scottish Lib Dems have done their homework and produced an admirable document spelling out how it would work, including its possible and wholly positive implications for the rest of the UK.   It’s a huge pity that this blueprint for devo max, the completion of devolution, was not produced first by the Labour Party; but its Lib Dem parentage offers an excellent opportunity for Labour and the Lib Dems to join forces in defence of the survival of the United Kingdom." BrianBarder on LabourList is impressed by our contribution to the debate on Scottish independence and devolution.

Hoping for More than Slogans has had enough of Jeremy Paxman.

John Dickerson on Slate explains why Mitt Romney did not see his defeat coming: "Even on the morning of the election, Romney’s senior advisers weren't close to hedging. They said he was going to win “decisively.” It seemed like spin, but the Boston Globe reports that a fireworks display was already ordered for the victory. Romney and Ryan thought they were going to win, say aides. “We were optimistic. More than just cautiously optimistic,” says one campaign staffer. When Romney lost, “it was like a death in the family."

The New Yorker has a gallery of photographs showing "a divided country coming together to perform the single unifying act of going to the polls".

Did The Smiths warn us about Jimmy Savile? Cowan & The Stupid Dream investigates.

mikeyashworth on Flickr shows us some vintage advertising posters discovered in a disused passageway at Notting Hill Gate tube station.

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