Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jimmy Savile the crook

This evening at 10.35 p.m. ITV is showing a second documentary on Jimmy Savile by Mark Williams-Thomas.

It seems this one will concentrate on Savile's early career, so if you intend to watch it I suggest you read this startling article on The Sump Plug as preparation:
We may never find out who Jimmy Savile really was: whether the entertainer, the philanthropist, the discotheque pioneer, the loner, the Bevin Boy, the loyal company man, the daft-coiffed eccentric, the secure-mental-hospital administrator, the all-in wrestler, the sociopath, the counsellor to royalty, the morgue attendant, the marathon runner or the serial sex fiend. At various times he was all those things. 
But it seems that from the early Fifties until at least the mid-Sixties he was, above all, a crook.
For another glimpse of the underbelly of Manchester in this period, I recommend the film Hell is a City.

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