Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm a civilised person get me out of here

While I have been out this evening I gather that the Conservative member for Mid Bedfordshire has been eating ostrich anus on national television.

I don't like Nadine Dorries. I don't like I'm a Celebrity... And she is a fool for going on the show.

But I shall not be voting got her to eat any more anuses. Because I don't like the bullying inherent in the campaign to have her undertake every Bushtucker Trial.

And I have reached an age where I have sympathy for the words of the psychologist Professor Paul Gilbert, as reported in this morning's Independent:
"Reality shows are designed to hold your interest in people when they lose, and see them despair. The focus is on the emotional meltdown of losers. 
"We need to be studying in detail the effect of this kind of competitive culture in the media on the young people who are growing up on it. 
"Supposing all the young people watching The Apprentice thought this was the way people did business, with all the back-stabbing and attacking each other. Would you really want to live in a world where everyone did that?
"So much is going on that is making people angry. I think people feel a bit hopeless."
I will make one exception. If AntnDec ever fall on hard times and are obliged to go into the jungle themselves, I shall happily pay to vote for them to eat ostrich anus all evening.

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