Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Floods by Market Harborough railway station

It has been raining all day in Market Harborough and the Welland is in spate. And because of that the normally insignificant River Jordan, also swollen by the rain, has been unable to enter the Welland.

As a result it has burst its banks near the point it joins the Welland and flooded this car park across the road from Market Harborough railway station. People will have arrived home from London in the dark this evening and been aghast at what they found.

There is an even more insignificant stream that flows along the side of the road where I live before entering the Jordan. I have known it flood the road in the past, so I came home from work early to make sure everything was OK.

The stream had begun to flood the road, but by then the rain had stopped so I had no need of sandbags.

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