Friday, July 05, 2013

Paint It, Orange: The Jaggers and the Liberal Democrats

Today's papers are full of the Nick Clegg and Mick Jagger dinner date - Jagger even wore a gold sweater for the occasion.

But it should not be such a surprise to them. During the last general election campaign Mick's brother Chris was pictured with Tessa Munt and Paddy Ashdown.

The Jaggers are clearly a good Liberal family.

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Andrew Hickey said...

As William Rees-Mogg pointed out after questioning Jagger on World In Action (after the "who breaks a butterfly" editorial):

"He put forward these views which went so much against the grain of the currently fashionable left-wing ideology, I suddenly realised that Mick Jagger was in essence a right-wing libertarian. Straight John Stuart Mill!"

I'd question whether you could describe Mill as a "right-wing libertarian", but if Jagger's views are close to Mill's, it wouldn't be surprising if he were a Lib Dem.