Sunday, July 28, 2013

Six of the Best 373

Photo of Charterhouse Square by
 Stuart Taylor
"What will happen at Glasgow is a series of votes where Ministers will tell Conference representatives that it would be politically damaging for the party to fight the 2015 election on positions different to those taken by the Coalition Government. Of course, the Conservatives will not be doing this on subjects such as equal marriage, Europe or renewable energy; but that appears to be of no concern to the strategists." Gareth Epps ponders Liberal Democrat identity on the Social Liberal Forum website.

"It’s not worth removing him unless there is a credible replacement with a coherent alternative strategy. Sadly, no such Liberal Democrat MP currently exists." Simon Titley on Liberator's blog argues that getting rid of Nick Clegg would not be an instant answer to the Liberal Democrat's problems.

Jennie Rigg says that a 'report abuse' button will not solve Twitter's misogyny problem.

"Just on the edge of the City of London sits a little known collection of Elizabethan era buildings." IanVisits shows us around Charterhouse Square.

"Wild land protection offers some degree of protection against those who see Scotland wildest land as nothing more than a vast goldmine to be plundered for profit. Protection is not the be-all and the end-all – and there’s a still debate underway about what it might mean in practice. But it would least make a clear statement that wild land belongs to the nation of Scotland and not just to those who happen to currently hold the title deeds." Bella Caledonia makes the case for protecting the Scottish wilderness.

Spitalfields Life shows us to Andrew Coram's antique shop and the wonderful old china he is selling from his own collection.

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