Saturday, July 20, 2013

Six of the Best 370

Birkdale Focus looks at the historical battle against market fundamentalism in the Liberal Party and introduces us, via a letter from William Wallace, to Edward Rushworth, candidate in Harborough at several general elections: "He made little distinction between being a Liberal and being a teetotal nonconformist; his instincts were anti authoritarian and socially egalitarian."

We need a few more, but not too many, Steve Webbs, says Mark Pack.

"At the start of the 19th century some 2,000 miles of turbulent Central Asian territory – deserts, mountains and unstable Muslim khanates – separated Britain’s Indian territories from the edge of the Russian Empire; a hundred years later these same frontiers were just a few miles apart." History in an Hour on some modern echoes of the Great Game.

"Why on earth would anyone choose to live or work there? Today it’s been hot, smelly, noisy, bad-tempered and overcrowded everywhere I've been." Just One More Ten Pence Piece ... finds London is a miserable place.

My Tonight from Shrewsbury visits Pengwern Books, the town's independent bookshop.

Discover a secret tunnel under Whitehall with IanVisits.

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