Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Six of the Best 371

Alex's Archives is not impressed by market fundamentalist talk of a "takeover" of the Liberal Democrats: "One of the great virtues of liberalism is tolerance. Many within the Liberal Democrats value the fact that the party has been a broad church, encompassing a broad range of perspectives across the left-right axis. However, it would seem increasingly evident that that view is not shared by all."

"The Home Office’s “Go Home” poster is the kind of divisive stunt I would have expected if the BNP were in government," says Lester Holloway.

panGloss demonstrates the fatuousness of David Cameron's war on porn.

"Since he was chosen to open the batting in the 2009 Ashes he averages almost 40 with the bat and under 30 with the ball. If you discount the greats in this field, Kallis and Sobers, there isn’t an all rounder who wouldn’t be proud of that record." The Armchair Selector comes to the defence of Shane Watson.

Has the craft beer bubble burst? asks Perfect Pint.

On the RSPB Community blog, Andre Farrar visits the Dearne Valley in South Yorkshire - King Coal's green heart.

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