Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Six of the Best 369

"When the legislation is passed there will still be work still to do. No doubt the groups who have campaigned against the Bill will dig into their deep pockets to bring legal challenges. They must be opposed and reminded that religious organisations will, of course, be under no obligation to act in ways which are incompatible with their own doctrine." Liz Barker writes on the successful campaign for equal marriage for Liberal Democrat Voice.

Dr Alun Wyburn-Powell asks if 'safe seats' are safe only because no one attacks them.

At Gawker, Cord Jefferson sets out the lessons of the Trayvon Martin case: ""If you’re a black man and you don’t remain vigilant of and obsequious to white people’s panic in your presence ... then you must be prepared to be arrested, be beaten, be shot through the heart and lung and die on the way home to watch a basketball game with your family."

When interest rates start rising it will be a sign that the economy is healing and getting back to normal, says Hamish McRae on Independent Voices.

Is J.K. Rowling's hitherto pseudonymous detective novel any good? Malcolm Jones investigates for The Daily Beast.

Helenography has been on a Derelict London walking tour near Limehouse.

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