Monday, July 08, 2013

Richard Grayson has left the Liberal Democrats

I am very sad to see this article by Richard Grayson on the Compass website:
Either way, the sad conclusion I have come to is that I have more faith in Labour and the Greens, than I do in the Liberal Democrats to put forward a package of policies which former Liberal Democrat voters can support. 
It is very much that – sad – to have reached the conclusions that I have about the Liberal Democrats. I do feel that if people like me who have been involved in the Liberal Democrats at many different levels for 25 years, have come to such views, as many have already done, then there are some serious problems for the party. 
I no longer know where the party’s real heart is and have serious doubts as to how far it could be effective in another coalition, with Labour even, let alone how far it could survive another with the Conservatives. 
However, I also feel a personal sense of liberation, at no longer having to feel that I need to have any sense of allegiance to the party, when I feel so utterly appalled by the way it has behaved since 2010.
Richard was at one time a central figure in the party, being Charles Kennedy's right-hand man. His more traditional social democratic politics are not mine, but we cannot afford to lose people like him.

I am worried that Nick Clegg has a much clearer idea of whose support he does not want than of whose support he does.


ATF said...

Sad to see Richard go, but if the people who disagree with the current leadership leave then there will be no way for the party to become what they want it to be.

That is not to dismiss 25 years service and the role he has played in the party, but just as some Labour members stuck through the Blair years to be part of a party they wanted it seems like as LibDems we need to get more used to the idea that there will be at times periods of great strain and tension. But, as Tony Benn said about his membership, I'm a LibDem member because of what I hope the party can become rather than what it is at any given time.

neil craig said...

Perhaps if the fearmongers, totalitarians and warming catastrophists are deserting the ship it might be time to repeal the party's ban on anybody with traditional liberal sympathies being allowed to join. Or, with UKIP now providing us a home, is it too late?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments, Jonathan. The time really had come I'm afraid. Best wishes,

Steve G. said...

Tuition fees, bedroom tax, post office privatisation, NHS in crisis, tax cuts for millionaires... there is nothing Liberal about this coalition. I'm just surprised its taken Richard this long.