Sunday, September 01, 2013

David Frost's tips on political interviews

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I was sorry to hear of the death of Sir David Frost today, if only because he was one of the increasingly few public figures who had been there all my life.

And it is appropriate that Andrew Neil should be in this clip too. When he wants to be, he is Britain's best political interviewer because he has learnt Frost's lesson that being polite and friendly is far more likely to win admissions from the interviewee than are bluster and interruptions.

Jeremy Paxman and John Humphrys please note.


neil craig said...

More importantly he has Frost's lesson of knowing the facts when interviewing.

And has been honest enough to directly question the catastrophic warming fraud when Paxman had to acknowledge that the BBC "long ago gave up any pretence at impartiality" with sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Andrew Neil all too often entirely loses any sense of impartiality when dealing with one of his personal hobby horses.