Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Don Cupitt on Ludwig Wittgenstein

When I did my Philosophy degree at the end of the 1970s the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein was enormously influential. He had taught many of the senior figures in the field and seemed to have had a powerful, even crushing, personal effect on some of them.

I am not sure Wittgenstein is such a central figure today, but then I am not sure how many universities still teach Anglo-Saxon, analytic Philosophy of the sort I studied.

These two videos form the second half of the final episode of Don Cupitt's 1984 series The Sea of Faith. They convey well the appeal of his thought - at once fiercely logical and close to mysticism.


John Carlisle said...

I love this reminder of how good thinking can distinguish the truth, beautiful and good through our compassionate observations of everyday life.
Thank you,
John Carlisle

wolfi said...

Hi Jonathan!

I know it's completely OT, but I wanted to tell you that Richard III made it again into the German news. Der SPIEGEL reports on the worms they found in his body and how they must have felt:
You've probably got the news in English already ...

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks Wolfi!